ICYMI: Maryland Lawmakers Call on Big Tech Companies to Cooperate with Maryland Kids Code


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Sponsors of the new Kids Code law ask major tech companies to comply with safety and privacy by design framework, reject trade group’s lawsuit threat

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland lawmakers are urging Big Tech companies to start cooperating with the Maryland Kids Code. Bill sponsors Senator Ben Kramer and Delegates Jared Solomon & C.T. Wilson, along with Senate Finance Chair Pam Beidle, wrote to NetChoice member companies including MetaSnapAmazon, and Google, calling on them to stop threatening legal action and instead start implementing the new law to protect kids.

“We urge you to comply with the law – as you have shown the ability to do in other jurisdictions – and not attempt to undermine this bipartisan, lifesaving effort by suing to block its enactment through your lobbying group NetChoice,” wrote the lawmakers. “We are confident in our bill’s legality. Maryland’s kids can’t wait.”

Governor Moore signed the Maryland Kids Code into law on May 9 after it unanimously passed both chambers of the General Assembly earlier this spring.

“NetChoice’s member companies should take this opportunity to rethink their association’s aggressive, unproductive, litigious approach and come to the table to protect kids,” said Del. Solomon. “That’s why we are reaching out to those members directly to ask for their partnership.”

Read the Maryland lawmakers’ letter in its entirety here.